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Upon approval of your application for tenancy, you will be asked to pay a holding deposit. This deposit will need to be paid within 24 hours of being advised you have been approved for the property.

This deposit is non refundable and is equal to one weeks rent. If you change your mind or your circumstances change and you cannot proceed with the lease, this deposit is not refunded to you, as it is not the fault of the agent or landlord that the lease cannot commence. Upon signing the property lease, the deposit is recorded on your rent ledger as the first weeks rent.

You will be advised of the lease terms at the time of being offered the property. That is, length of lease - 6, 12, 24 months etc, pets allowed/approved, inclusions - such as lawnmowing, water usage etc

Upon receipt of your holding deposit, a day and time will be worked out with you to sign the lease and collect the property keys.

Prior to receiving the keys, you will need to have paid:

  • Bond - equal to 4 weeks rent
  • Rent - minimum of one week - this will mean you are paid at least 2 weeks in advance
Included with your lease will be a detailed condition report on the property. This report will cover:
  • any existing damage to walls, floors, doors, windows etc
  • fittings and fixtures in the house, such as lights, electrical appliances, curtains, blinds
  • general proeprty condition, including grounds
It is important that you review this report upon starting the tenancy and record any items that you feel are missing or have been recorded inaccurately - take your own photos as well if you wish.
This report forms part of your lease and will be checked at quarterly inspections and when you vacate the property.
Any damage, that is not considered general wear and tear, or maintenance that has not been reported to our office for attention, may become your liability.