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Sometimes buyers will drive into a street or past a property - and think "oh no I couldn't live there"


You don't want this to happen to you when you have listed your property for sale, so make sure first impressions count.


When a buyer arrives outside your property:

  • Have the lawns cut, edges trimmed and gardens neat

  • Remove rubbish, old furniture, cars etc

  • Keep entrances clear for easy access and to prevent anyone tripping - so keep toys, bikes, tools etc out of the way

  • You don't want your dog to run away when someone opens the gate - or worse - scare them away - so ensure pets are kept out of the way, taken for a walk or tied up

  • Ensure the front of the house looks clean and tidy - cobwebs cleared from around windows and doorways, gutters not overflowing with leaves, front verandah/porch area clean

  • Turn on the front light if the inspection is after hours


Inspecting the inside of your property:

  • Create an inviting atmosphere - ensure furniture is in the best position and open the blinds and curtains to allow the natural light to come in

  • Make sure the house is tidy, beds made, clothes off the floors, dishes not piled up in the kitchen

  • Ensure the house smells nice

  • Keep the rooms clear - buyers need to see flooring, how their furniture will fit in etc

  • For a late afternoon/evening inspection, switch lights on in each room