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You must prepare your property for rental, ensuring that it is a safe and clean property.

You should hand it over to a tenant in the manner that you would like it back - so if the window tracks are full of flies and the garden full of weeds and rubbish at the time you lease it, then that has set the standard for how you could expect to get it back - depending on the tenant of course!

Legally, you cannot:

  • Step onto the property, let yourself into the house, walk around the yard, knock on the door and ask if everything is alright - without the consent of the tenant. The tenant is entitled to live in the property in peace and quiet. You are in breach of the tenancy agreement if you do this and the tenant could take you to the Tribunal.
  • Lease the property knowing there is serious maintenance issues, such as, dampness, mould, electrical issues
  • Lease the property without disclosing information, such as, you are planning to sell it, it is going to be repossessed, it has been flooded or in a bushfire or a serious crime was committed there
  • Lease the property without door locks and knowing the property is not secure
  • Lease the property without working smoke alarms
  • Discriminate against applicants based on race, sex or religion